Our Services

Our Services include Consultations, Vacant Property Staging and Occupied Home Re-Design. We help Realtors, Home Sellers, Builders and Investors position their property for maximum value and to sell in the shortest period of time!

Home Staging Consultation Reports

For Realtors and Home Sellers:

Our services include an in-person consultation at the property to evaluate its condition and determine everything we know will be necessary to maximize it’s condition for sale.  Everything we discuss and recommend goes into our report, that you can use to make a quick investment of your time and resources to getting your house staged and sold.  We include comments and recommendations about curb appeal, first impressions, paint colors, personal items, other distractions, best placement or recommended removal of furniture, lighting, greenery and art and accessories. We may make recommendations for updates if they make sense and the homeowner is interested in this information.  You receive a detailed report with a prioritized list, multiple recommendations and photos of each area we evaluate, all to help you maximize your market value.

Prices begin at $250 for 2 hours including report.  Click here for a quick quote!

Home Staging Services-Vacant Property

For Realtors, Home Sellers, Investors, Home Builders

We provide vacant home staging services which includes furniture rental, artwork, bedding, accessories and other items for Realtors, Home Owners, Investors, and Model Properties throughout the Maricopa County area.  We truly do understand how buyers think and what they are looking for when looking for their perfect home and we apply our proven and successful methods by Staging every home To Sell!

Prices are based on scope of work.  Click here for a quick quote!


Occupied Home Re-Design

For Home Sellers and Realtors

We blend design rules, the latest trends, marketing techniques and buyer demographics all into our re-design services.  This results in placing our seller’s re-designed home at a distinct advantage among the market competition.  Our staging redesign services include but are not limited to: color and paint recommendations, ideal furniture arrangement (and removal) and accessory evaluation and placement.

Prices are based on scope of work. Click here for a quick quote!

Remember when you stage your home to sell, it’s always far less expensive than a price reduction!