Home Staging Ideas 2016

Home Staging Ideas For 2016

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Take a look at these great ideas for staging your home in 2016-click on the link below! Key takeaways:

  • Add bling in gold, silver and other metallics.  Rooms that have a little flash and sparkle are in.
  • When preparing rooms to look their best create a lifestyle scene in each room-for example in a living room include an hors d’oeuvres tray with wine glasses, a cork screw and wine bottle, some pretty napkins and small plates and add pops of color and candles.
  • Repurpose furniture and focus on the green movement by reusing what you have-paint it or change it rather than discard it.
  • Lamps and interesting lighting can update any space and change it’s theme.
  • Don’t matchy-match furniture and furnishings-breaking up patterns, materials and colors help create interest.
  • Keep your budget in mind, allot the most money to the things that will give you the highest return.
  • Remember the outdoor spaces often matter just as much as the inside areas.  Make them inviting and comfortable.


If you are wondering if you should ‘bother’ with professional home staging then or if it is worth the investment, the answer is YES!  All evidence supports the fact that home staging causes homes to sell up to 82% faster and for 5% more than non-staged properties!

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