Glorious Entryways

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Lush desert pot

Interesting, low maintenance entry pot-especially good for desert climates.

We have recently been asked about how to make the best first impression with possible buyers.  Making sure your landscaping looks nice, the trees and hedges are trimmed, the planting beds are neat and tidy and any fences are in good repair and painted are all important aspects to a great first impression.  Buyers have a critical eye and will notice what you have become accustomed to over the years.  As they approach the door, a clean, fresh entry sets the expectation for what the buyers will see inside!  The front door needs to welcome your visitors so be sure to include a wreath and/or some planted pots…be certain to make sure they matches your region and season.

Entry landscape

Well groomed planting beds with a well-placed pot or fountain to add interest enhances your curb appeal.Include Potted pants,



A Christmas wreath on the door just looks sad in March.  When adding pots or other items to the entryway, less is more.  The photo of the entry steps with lots of pots and plants at varying heights and styles looks messy and distracting.   Your front entry update doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make the best impression.  And your home stager can make suggestions of what will look best based on the style of home you have and your budget.  Professional home stagers always emphasize that you only get one chance to make a first impression!  Helping potential buyers ‘fall in love at first sight’ happens well before they ever step inside your home.

Blue Door

Crisp and clean front door with wreath and greenery is especially inviting.

Do not do plants

Dont! Fewer pots, grouped together on a landing look much more appealing than a bunch of pots and plants crowding the space of the entry stairs.

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