Home Staging and How It Works

Staging Brings Results!

Why Staging Works

You might notice we keep emphasizing Professional Home Staging Services.

Don’t most of us love to watch the home makeover reality shows on TV?!  There is something magical about seeing dramatic “before and after results” taking place in an hour, right before our eyes!

From family homes to rental properties, from condos to lavish luxury mansions, nearly every type of real estate benefits from Professional Home Staging. Why?! Because, when done correctly, staging allows the Buyer to see the property in its best possible light.

The only question to ask yourself about staging is “Do I want to maximize my property equity when it comes time to sell?” and “Would I like to sell my property in the shortest possible timeframe?”  If your answers are ‘Yes’ then Home Staging is for you.


It is NOT Decorating

Professional staging works to provide a transformation, quickly. Unlike remodeling, home staging is fast, far less expensive and can often provide better financial results. Even more importantly, staging ISN’T interior decorating; it’s about making the spaces in your home as appealing as possible to the widest range of prospective buyers. Sometimes it’s more about removing and redesigning the furnishings you already have; sometimes it’s about adding things to enhance a room. Often it’s a combination of all of our experience and talents to guarantee we bring out the very best in your property’s ‘showability’.

Professional staging companies offer far more than furniture rental services.  Their staff should be able to help you understand the most worthwhile investments to make in preparing for sale including: paint color evaluation, improved exterior appearance for maximum curb appeal, re-design of existing furnishings for occupied homes, artwork placement, effective use of accessories and many other influencing factors.


Real Results

It’s a Proven Fact- You will net more money from the sale of your home if it is professionally staged. 
And the investment in home staging is usually a fraction of the total return you will realize from the increase in your equity proceeds.
Depending on your property’s needs, our total home staging fees can be less than 1% of the listing price, and yet, the potential increase in sales proceeds for a professionally staged home is 5-20%!

It is also a fact that well-staged homes sell up to 82% faster than non-staged properties and appraise for higher sales prices.