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Tips To Stage Your Home To Sell This Fall

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Tips to Stage To Sell Your Home To Sell This Fall:


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-54-06-pmAs temperatures drop, buyers look for listings that say ‘home’ to them. Nubbly throw blankets, firewood in the fireplace, a table set with autumn flowers and a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies are the right touches.


Change your bedding over to warmer looking linens and spreads, add extra pillows and a coffee tray and some candles to dressers and your bedside.


Don’t overlook the exterior! Make sure all leaves and dead plants are removed and the grounds are tidy. Add a few pots of yellow and white mums, some pumpkins and an inviting autumnal wreath to your front door.

It’s fun and interesting to transition from Fall to Halloween accents in October and then continue by incorporating some Thanksgiving elements in November.  This is easy to do from September through November with a foundation of Fall decor as your base.  Keep it simple and uncluttered and you’ll find your perfect look.

Fall Enrtryway


And always, always, always, no matter what the season, keep everything scrupulously clean and free of dust and clutter.

Note: It is especially easy to transition to Halloween and Thanksgiving themes with a Fall decor palette as your base.  Just add holiday accents here and there to create a beautiful and inviting environment for your potential home buyers.  Less is always more!

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